September 2011

Dear Colleagues,

Spring is here and a powerful reminder of naturopathy’s guiding principle Vis Medicatrix Naturae, the healing power of nature. All new clients are introduced to this foundational principle in my clinic. I am always amazed that sharing this fundamental principle confirms and reaffirms what the client already instinctually understands. Let’s keep the light of naturopathy burning bright by remembering to share this timeless wisdom.

This newsletter highlights the results of the recent ANPA member survey. Thank you to those who participated. We want to keep current with your ideas and expectations and will offer the online survey annually. I am pleased to report we are already acting on some of the priorities. To this end we have contracted the services of an experienced journalist and communications specialist, Susan Kirk. Susan, together with the ANPA committee is in the process of developing a comprehensive media strategy. As an ANPA member you can contribute to this ongoing priority. If you notice anything in the media that relates to our practice as naturopaths, please alert us of this information and forward it to the ANPA office. We plan to respond to issues whether they are positive or negative.

As a priority ANPA aims to maintain our role as the leading voice for naturopaths in this country. The first of a series of media releases was released to our media database on September 9th 2011. The ANPA website is another priority. Liz Gaskin from Eagle Web Design is now contracted to upgrade and maintain the ANPA website. I have been working very closely with her to make sure that all content is current and that all our features are operational. Please go to the website and if you notice anything that needs attention let us know.

ANPA chapters continue to offer support to naturopaths around the country. Check for dates of meetings in your local area. If you are willing to set up a chapter in your area please contact the office. We welcome new chapters being established around the country.

Yours in good health.


Eta Brand
Editor, ANPA Vice- President

Important Reminders

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance and First Aid Certificates

Please remember to automatically send a copy of your renewed certificates to the office as soon as you receive them. We are required to keep your records current. It is your responsibility to make sure the ANPA office has received the current documents. Many members assume, incorrectly, that it is ANPA’s responsibility to give them a call when they have expired.

  • ANPA AGM – Sunday November 27th 2011 (Melbourne)

Registration from 10.30am.
11am Proceedings commence to include guest speakers, lunch, networking.
More details to be announced shortly. We look forward to your attendance.

A Special Welcome to New ANPA Members!

Full members
Yannick Boribon, Esha Dwight, Karmel Everett, Jessica Gaunt, Sheela Gunjur, Melinda Kearsley Kelly Rankin, Carolyn Revell, Zoeair Sherrin, Debra Smith, Suzi Soakai and Patrick Tyrrell.

Student members
Tammy Archibald, Josephine Bloomfield, Tonia Bootle, Helen Brown, Marcelo Brussi, Gardie Carr, Kristina Chase, Eon Cockburn, Amanda Copley, Tracy Cox, Deborah Crawford, Debra Cushing, Dannielle Davies, Danielle Denman, Alicia Dent, Emily Donehue, Lee Doyle, Judith Drynan, Judy Dunne, Karmel Everett, Beverley Exton, Anna Fogarty, Camille Gilbert, Elizabeth Grace-Wilson, Stephanie Hagendyk, Helen Harvey, Indrani Haryono, Diane Heriot, John Hillcoat, Peita Innes-Anderson, Melinda Kearsley, Sharon King, Stacey Kirsch, Trudy Kither, Tracey Lee Attwell, Sonya Lowe, Catherine Lynch, Letitia Maccuspie, Kylie Maclean, Samantha Marks, Julie Martin, Lisa Maxwell-Wright, Cilla Mcfarlane, Khogorzul Mendbayar, David Newman, Diana Panrucker, Henry Paola, Sally Pattison, Amanda-Jane Payton, Catherine Pingiaro, Heidi Rahner, Cherie Reay, Eirini Romas, Angela Ryan, Katie Savage, Leonie Sellar, Ashleigh Shea, Colleen Southall, Meagan Stammers, Samantha Taylor, Joanne Tuppin, Kazumi Uemura, Carly Wemyss, Renee West and Alanna Wignall.

Secondary member
Jon Gamble

ANPA 2010/2011 Survey Results

Thanks to all those members who filled out the online survey. This information is crucial for our forward planning. We aim to offer the survey annually so we keep current with the needs of our membership. Survey results now available on the ANPA website at ANPA 2010-11 Practitioner Survey Responses


Angela Doolan, ARONAH chair

The board of the ARONAH has met every month since November last year. ARONAH is now moving from an initial implementation phase into the next stage of development which will establish the standards for education and practice of naturopathy and western herbal medicine in Australia.

The initial implementation phase has required a significant amount of input from the board members, our administrator and legal advisors to establish governance procedures and policies that will ensure sound and fair processes for the successful running of the register. This has been an enormous and innovative undertaking as we are the first, and possibly only, practitioner regulatory group to base our constitution on a combination of both company law and national registration and accreditation scheme legislation » read more

ANPA Chapters

Brisbane Chapter: Naturopathy Discovery Session
Date: Saturday October 15th
Time: 2pm - 4.30pm
Venue: to be confirmed
Contact: Eta Brand naturopath.imatcp@westnet.com.au

Melbourne Chapter
Date: Friday 14th October
Time: 7 pm
Venue: East Bentleigh
Contact: Margaret Nolan naturalhealthoz@optusnet.com.au

Perth Chapter
Date: Tuesday 25th October
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: Unit 1A 70 Pensacola Terrace, Clarkson
Contact: Kim on 0414 887 653
Topic of discussion: Holding a presence, how can we facilitate more meaningfull consultations with our patients?

ANPA Professional Excellence Awards

As clinicians, we are contributors to the greater good of our communities. There are some clinicians whose endeavours seem to rise above the crowd. We want to acknowledge and reward these clinicians. ANPA does this through the Professional Excellence Awards each year. As an ANPA member please take some time to read and consider the categories for nomination. If you feel there is someone in your community who is eligible, please submit the nomination for consideration. We do this to recognise the value of our work, our profession and our colleagues in the legitimate pursuit of the field of naturopathy. Categories for nomination include:

Excellence in Teaching Award
To encourage teaching excellence in naturopathy and recognise the contribution made by lecturers to the naturopathic profession. To be eligible, the lecturer needs to be teaching in a naturopathy course in either a private college or public university. They do not have to be an ANPA member.

Community Education Award
To encourage community promotion of naturopathy and recognise the contribution made to the profession by practitioners who perform community promotion. All ANPA members are eligible for this award and only ANPA members can be nominated.

Excellence in Journalism Award
The purpose of this award is to encourage members and other people to write quality articles related to naturopathy. Anyone is eligible, members or otherwise.

Excellence in Naturopathic Business Development
This award recognises the achievements of members in the field of naturopathic business development. Any ANPA member who has developed something new, original and entrepreneurial relating to naturopathy may be nominated. Examples may be some form of enterprise, which incorporates naturopathy, but is not necessarily focused on clinical practice or a new or innovative focus on clinical practice.

Nomination forms must be received in the ANPA office no later than 5pm Friday 28th October, 2011.

Download the Professional Excellence Nomination Form [Word file 74.5 KB]

In the Media

Australian Doctor
5th August 2011 Paul Smith

Health ministers are warning there will be no new health professions accepted on to the national registration scheme despite a push by naturopaths to sign up. There are currently 10 professions under the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (APHRA) – including doctors, nurses, chiropractors and dentists. As part of a drive to improve public safety, four more health professions will join from July 2012: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practice, Chinese medicine, medical radiation practice and occupational therapy.

But at a meeting today in Darwin, Australian health ministers said no other groups would be considered for membership of AHPRA until an inquiry into the regulation of unregistered professions had been completed. There have been long-running concerns about the scrutiny of rogue elements of the 10,000 naturopaths working in Australia and the potential risks to the public they present.

The Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association has said it wants naturopaths to come under AHPRA to ensure that naturopaths had gone through necessary training, education and accreditation to ensure patient safety. It also said regulation by AHPRA would ensure naturopaths could be properly investigated and disciplined if they breached codes of good practice.

But health ministers are still awaiting the results of its consultation into the regulation of unregistered health practitioners, which has received over 180 submissions. The three options being considered include leaving the current system unchanged, strengthening self-regulation through a voluntary code of practice or setting up a statutory code of conduct for all unregulated health professions.

The move comes in the aftermath of last year’s WA inquest into the death of Penelope Dingle, who refused treatment for operable bowel cancer on the advice of her homeopath Francine Scrayen.

ANPA Press release
9th September 2011

There is ongoing debate regarding the use and prescribing of CAM. In response we prepared the following press release » download PDF of press release.

The Medical Observer and The Australian Doctor ran their own versions of the press release. As ANPA members we encourage you to become part of the debate. We do however ask that in public forum ANPA members remain respectful, professional and cordial. ANPA does not condone flaming. To be fully informed, please read the full press release. You will then be able to determine the proper context for any future news items based on the information contained in the original release. Some information can and will be manipulated and/or changed to suit an agenda.


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