May 2011

Dear Colleagues,

Highlights in this newsletter include the ANPA response to the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC) consultation paper for Unregistered Health Professions, a Book Review with special pricing for ANPA members, a Full Member and a Student Member interview, a Clinical Practice focus identifying the types of complaints government agencies are receiving, and an update on ANPA Chapters around the country.

ANPA is becoming known as an association actively engaged in finding ways to offer valuable benefits for students, new graduates and not so new graduates. This interest and growth is not happening in a vacuum. ANPA members are giving of their time and promoting the benefits of our association. We need more of you to come forward to mentor and participate in chapter meetings. Students are sharing their enthusiasm with their peers. Linda in the ANPA office is being kept busy verifying their applications and supporting their transition as they graduate into full ANPA members. This is a focused and ongoing initiative to grow ANPA. We need your help to fully realise our potential as THE naturopathy association of Australia. Our aim is to make a difference in the journey of every naturopathy student across the country. If you are a full member of ANPA and have been in practice for a few years, I am appealing to you to please come forward. Wherever naturopaths are practicing, we want to see local chapters flourishing. The need to establish chapters in other areas of the country are just as important. Remember, we have an underutilised discussion forum on our website for practitioner support. This is another important way we can offer valuable support from a distance.

Yours in good health.


Eta Brand
Editor, ANPA Vice- President

Important Reminders

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance and First Aid Certificates

Please remember to automatically send a copy of these renewed certificates to the office as soon as you receive them so your records are kept current. It is your responsibility to make sure the ANPA office has received the current documents. Many members are under an assumption that it is ANPA’s responsibility to give them a call when it has expired. We do our best to support you....

  • Membership Renewals: Early bird rates are valid when payment is received in the office before June 1st.

A Special Welcome to New ANPA Members!

Full members
Sharon Jackson
Lara Grinevitch

Student members
Michelle Allan, Demi Anderson, Jennifer Barr, Litisha Bartlett, Maxine Box, Kirsty Caple, Reece Carter, Natalie Coleman, Carmel Donovan, Emma Gaudelius, Jane Gillespie, Cassandra Henry, Ian Higgins, Alison Kandelas, Trevor Kemp, Claire Lalor, Hope Leigh, Tiffany Mahon, Sandra Mashayekhi, Melissa McKenzie, Jennifer McLachlan, Rosa Mennillo, Claire Murray, Kristy Newman, Mark Payne, Annette Pope, Erin Quint, Emma Sieben, Suzie Soakai, Lauren Stark, Kerry Synnerdahl, Warnakulasuriya Thamel, Benjamin Thurgood, Thang Trinh & Jouline Winter.

Secondary member
Hui Hong Schellevis

Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council Consultation Paper - February 2011

Options for the Regulation of Unregistered Health Practitioners.

The aims of the AHMAC consultation paper were to consider if there is a need for strengthened regulatory protections for consumers who use the services of unregistered health practitioners. The full AHMAC document can be accessed at www.ahmac.gov.au The ANPA submission is available on the ANPA website.

Book Review Case-Studies-for-Complementary-Therapists
Case Studies for Complementary Therapists: a Collaborative Approach

Authors: Kelly Galvin and Madelaine Bishop

Reviewed by Eta Brand
ANPA Vice-President

I am always excited when a new text written by naturopaths is published. Well done to the two authors who have extended themselves creating this valuable resource. I liked the idea of the three C's: Complaint, Context and Core that supports and improves the ability to refine lines of clinical questioning. Case taking is an art, and the three C's model improves the process of case-taking. I was interested in the referral flags. For some of the cases where dietary assessment were flagged for a referral, it seems that well trained naturopaths should be able to conduct this assessment competently themselves. I did not notice the inclusion of any functional testing. If it were included, it would have included an important reality of what underpins naturopathic and other CAM practitioners' treatment protocols. I liked the case histories, the extensive case analysis, differential diagnosis and the decision tree table for referral. I would have preferred referral flags printed in bold or red so that the reader could easily distinguish important alarms for patient safety. The foundational principles of naturopathy were included in a chapter on the principles and practice of CAM. There seems to be blurring of boundaries. Naturopathy is a distinct and important profession in its own right. Perhaps CAM practitioners should ultimately become naturopaths. This book will also provide good strategies for managing ethical and legal boundaries for case management.

ISBN: 978 0 7295 3955 5 PB • 400 pp Churchill Livingstone

Order the Book!
ANPA members receive 15% off & free delivery on orders placed before 31 May 2011
$95.00 (incl GST) Special ANPA price $80.75 (GST incl)
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ANPA Online Survey

go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K2D7B7K

The survey is still open. We need as many members to complete the survey as possible. We want the findings we share to be as accurate as possible in representing your responses and priorities. You can only fill the survey out once. If you have already done so, thank you.


ANPA members attended ARONAH consultation meetings in Brisbane, Lismore, Perth and Melbourne. These meetings were aimed at gathering information and priorities for naturopaths and herbalists. What they would like to see included on the agenda as ARONAH sub-committees start the process of defining a minimum national educational standard and scope of practice. For up-to-date information please go to the ARONAH website. When all the consultations are completed, a full listing of all points raised will be on their website for review. Go to www.aronah.org

Clinical Practice: Complaints Issues

The public do make complaints about their health care. Even though we aim to offer a high standard of care, we need to be aware of the kinds of complaints government agencies are receiving. A recent document from the Health Quality and Complaints Commissioner in Queensland (2008-2009) identified the types of issues raised regarding unregistered health providers. These are various practitioners, not only naturopaths. The data did not specify a particular modality or profession. Even so, the issues identified are important for our reflective practice. These were the categories highlighted:

Communication and Information
- Inadequate information provided

Professional Conduct
- Assault, Misrepresentation of qualifications, Illegal practice, Boundary violation

- Conduct of treatment, Unexpected treatment outcome/complications, Rough and painful treatment, Co-ordination of treatment, Inadequate treatment

- Issue false or misleading certificates/report

- Inappropriate disclosure of information

Fees/Costs & Rebates
- Billing practices

- Adverse reaction to correct medication, medication error

- Uninformed consent

ANPA has a Code of Ethics. It is sent out to every new member. If you have not read it recently, please access the document for download on the ANPA website at www.anpa.asn.au under the header About ANPA.

kim-minosFull Member Interview: Kim Minos
ANPA Committee Member

Where did you train as a naturopath?

I trained at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Melbourne, graduating in 1996 and then completed a Graduate Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine and a Bachelor of Health Science at Victoria University.

How many years have you been in practice?

I have been in practice 15 years, ten of those years in Melbourne and the last five years in sunny Perth. (read more)

ANPA Chapters

Brisbane Chapter: Naturopathy Discovery Session
Saturday April 2nd 2pm - 4.30pm

The first Naturopathy Discovery Session was well attended. Feedback was positive from all the attendees. Students represented all of the naturopathy training programs in Brisbane. A big thank you goes to ANPA full members Nirala Jacobi, Tracey Seipel, Shawn Watson and Christine Sullivan. These panellists did an excellent job in sharing their valuable expertise with the attendees. Questions for the panel included: What opportunities are available after graduation? What kind of part-time work opportunities are there for naturopathy students? What strategies have been most successful in growing a naturopathy practice? How can students and new graduates access mentoring opportunities? Chris Garcia was the lucky winner of the door prize: a book 'Clinical Decision Making in Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Matthew Leach. The next chapter meeting details will be emailed and posted on the ANPA Website.


Panelists at the Bribane Chapter Meeting

Melbourne Chapter Meeting

The inaugural ANPA Melbourne Chapter meeting was held on Friday 20th May. Eight members attended and there were four apologies. It was a great success with plenty of lively discussion and great ideas. The chapter plans to meet again in one month in the East Bentleigh area and anyone interested in coming along can contact the Chapter convenor, Margaret Nolan, on 0412 078 563.


Perth Chapter Launch

Kim Minos has set the wheels in motion for the launch of the first Perth ANPA Chapter. Well done.
Come along to discover and create how your association may serve you and assist you in your success as a Naturopath. Discussions will include the important role of mentoring in supporting the development of practitioners and how as a profession, we are stronger when we work together.
TIME: 7.30-9.30 pm
DATE: To Be Confirmed
VENUE: Mindarie Chiropractic Centre. Unit 1 A, 70 Pensacola Terrace. Mindarie Ocean Keys
RSVP your interest please: to admin@anpa.asn.au

Media Report

Australian Doctor: Naturopaths Join Push for Registration

Paul Smith

NATUROPATHS and herbalists are attempting to become registered health practitioners alongside doctors and dentists, in a further push to bring alternative medicine into the mainstream. Australian Doctor has been told groups including the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association (ANPA) will submit a formal application to health ministers, seeking to join the national health practitioners' registration scheme. The push is being made to cut the risks of patient harm, particularly from rogue elements among the estimated 10,000 naturopaths practising in Australia, the association said. It would also ensure registered naturopaths and herbalists are investigated and disciplined if they breached codes of good practice.
Chris Brooks, chair of the ANPA, said: "Anyone with or without training can put up their shingle and call themselves a naturopath. This is about making sure naturopaths and herbalists have gone through the necessary training and education so they can prescribe herbal [remedies safely] ... It would mean that registered practitioners will have the training to recognise red flags and know when to refer patients."
(read more)

Lifeplus Magazine
(Circulation of 80,000 Australian Unity Health Fund Members)
Megan Haggan

An interview with Eta Brand, ANPA Media Spokesperson was conducted for an article on CAM and naturopathy. Some of the questions: What is naturopathy? What health problems can it treat? What scientific backing does it have? Why is it an important alternative or adjunct to traditional medicine? Why is it important that health funds cover naturopathy?

Medical Observer: Naturopath Code Wins Doctor Support
Mark O'Brien

Naturopaths, herbalists and other unregistered health practitioners may soon face stricter regulation under nationally uniform arrangements as support grows for an enforceable statutory code of conduct.

The proposal is one of three options touted by the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council (AHMAC) in a recent discussion paper on regulating those health practitioners who have no formal avenue of registration.

It is understood that a statutory code of conduct would see naturopath and herbalists held accountable to accepted standards of patient care.

The code would be supported by enhanced complaints mechanisms, potentially modelled on the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

Breaches of the code could then result in conditions being placed on practitioners' practice, with failure to comply possibly resulting in prosecution via courts.
(read more)



Students Matter:
Interview with Jennifer Barr

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Australian Institute of Applied Sciences
Year of study: 2nd year
Additional formal education: Cert IV Remedial Therapies, Aromatherapy & Massage. Cert IV Fitness Leader.

Why have you chosen to study Naturopathy?

I have always been interested in Complementary Medicine. I have only used conventional medicine when necessary and have been seeing a Naturopath for the past 30 years. I have worked in the natural health industry for the past 17 years. I have gathered an enormous amount of information. I plan to formalise my knowledge so that I can put it into practice. I have a strong belief in the esoteric aspects of health linking the body-mind connection. I believe that Naturopathy is the perfect adjunct therapy to complement the holistic approach of becoming a healthy human being, in body, mind and soul. My desire is to educate people to be able to take full responsibility for their OWN healing and supporting them through this process.

Why did you become an ANPA student member?

I liked the intent and policies that ANPA is based on. It was a very easy process to access on-line.

What are the aspects of your study that you enjoy?

I love learning about healing. The body's anatomy and physiology is absolutely overwhelmingly amazing. I find it truly exciting. I love to meet and interact with like-minded people. I find it exciting that with more and more research in Complementary Medicine there seems to more support or credence for esoteric sciences like Medical Astrology. I love the practicality and the validation of the Science behind Naturopathy. (read more)

Final FNTT Meeting

The final meeting for the Federation of Natural and Traditional Therapists was held on March 22nd 2011. All business affairs of the association have been closed. The final responsibility was to designate the residual monies to a worthy cause. Nominations had to meet specific criteria according to ASIC regulations: 1. Copy of the organisation's constitution with the relevant clause and page number stating that monies cannot be distributed to members and 2. Proof of the organisation's existence: company registration, State association registration. The member associations of the FNTT unanimously voted for the $8,618 to be donated to the Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists (ARONAH). All criteria were met for the donation to be made.

'ANPA Quiet Achiever Award'

We are pleased to announce the ANPA Quiet Achiever Award. The award is to be made available to all naturopathy training colleges across the country. The award is a gift of free membership for a worthy graduating student who has demonstrated attributes of a 'quiet achiever' during the course of their study. 18 schools across the country are now training naturopathy students. ANPA is proud to raise awareness for our association with this outreach.


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