December 2011

Dear Colleagues,

Compliments of the Season!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season with plenty of time for fun, rest and replenishment. As I take on the role of ANPA President I want to sincerely thank Chris Brooks, John Coleman, Kim Minos, Tini Gruner and Marlene West for their commitment, dedication and valued contribution on the ANPA committee in 2011. For the new term of office we have an enthusiastic team of ANPA members ready to step up and play their part » read more

I thank them in advance for coming forward, giving of their precious time and contributing to the visions of this association.

2012 is about stretching a little further, and reaching a little higher than before always improving as we progress. Three strategic priorities for the association are continuing to raise and maintain the ANPA profile, offering more benefits for our members, and attracting new members.

There are many projects underway. Some of these include: finalising a mentoring program for students and full members, utilising the website discussion board to its full capacity, completing the Q&A page on the website for the public, being represented at college/uni open days around the country and maintaining momentum in ANPA chapters around the country. We need more members beyond those on the committee to come forward and contribute in a small way. Please feel free to contact me or the ANPA office if you are interested or have any questions.

2012 will continue to see the ANPA as a resilient dynamic organisation leading the way for naturopaths in Australia. Highlights in this final newsletter for 2011 are the ANPA AGM, ANPA online survey, Full Member Interview, a Book Review, ANPA Chapters and In the Media.

Let’s keep the light of naturopathy burning bright.

Yours in good health.


Eta Brand
Editor, ANPA President

Important Reminders

  • The ANPA office closes at 2pm Friday December 23rd and reopens Monday January 16th 2012.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance and First Aid Certificates

Please send a copy of your renewed certificates to the office as soon as you receive them. We are required to keep your records current. It is your responsibility to make sure the ANPA office has received the current documents. Many members assume incorrectly that it is ANPA’s responsibility to give them a call when they have expired.

A Special Welcome to New ANPA Members!

Full members
Shabina Ali, Mathew Allan, Lee Doyle, Shivani Gandhi, Jennifer Goldsworthy, Melinda Kearsley and Kristy Newman.

Student members
Sandra Aldcroft, Demi Anderson, Christine Antonopoulos, Lucy Atkins, Kristen Berriman, Megan Bowness, Andrea Brooks, Lisa Burnham, Charlene Cabral, Marshall Cameron, Anita Carter, Karena Clarke, Kylee Clowes, Collette D'Olier, Kathleen Dyett, Hannah Ehrbar, Heidi Flux, Michelle Gardiner, Joy Geiger, Jodie Hale, Fiona Harding, Cherie Hartshorn, Donna Hawryluk, Sian Helsdon, Julie Holthuisen, Stephanie Jackson, Michelle Juric, Robyn Kadel, Paul Keller, Paul Kirk, Tammarah Kunde, Amanda Langanke, Rhiannon Leakee, Poh Chou Ling, Naomi Ludke, Danielle Mckenna, Susan Medlyn, Naomi Menon, Alison Murray, Nadine Ominski, Alison Palmer, Rebbeka Parker, Rebecca Peart, Stephanie Powell, Sonia Rathore, Rebecca Reid, Kay Ritson, Kellie Robins, Sharon Russell, Linda Spirou, Rebecca Stevens, Chantelle Thornton, Jennifer Trask, Vanessa Vigar and Hannah Whittham.


Sunday 27th November, QPO, Melbourne

The AGM was a successful event this year. We chose a new venue, a Sunday rather than a week night and included a thought provoking and motivating speaker. The business of the association was conducted efficiently with the various reports tabled and moved.

I am pleased to report that there is a new committee of enthusiastic colleagues now installed for the new term of office.

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Sandra Marqueda presenting at the AGM.

Sandra Maqueda, Founder and Executive Director of the Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation of Australia, shared her inspiring story. For those who could not attend we have a written account of her important journey.

» read more [download PDF 213KB]

cntf-logoThe Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation of Australia provides access to information and resources for the public, and assists people in making an ‘informed choice’ about their health care options. The foundation is located in Sunbury, Victoria.

Contact (03) 9740 3977 (Mon/Wed/Fri) or email: info@cancernaturaltherapyfoundation.org


ANPA Professional Excellence Awards


Eta Brand congratulates John Coleman who receives the award for Excellence in Teaching on behalf of Carolyn Ward who could not be in attendance.

ANPA recognises clinicians whose endeavours seem to rise above the crowd. This year there were two awards presented at the ANPA AGM. These well deserving naturopaths are making significant contributions to the field of naturopathy.

Excellence in Journalism Award — Janine Castle
Excellence in Teaching Award — Carolyn Ward

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National Representation on the ANPA Committee

Full members in SA, NSW, ACT, NT, Tasmania and WA are invited to come forward and participate on the ANPA committee. We want representation from around the country. We are a growing organisation and there are tasks for volunteers that do not necessarily take major time investment.

ANPA 2011/12 Online Survey

Thanks in advance to members who have already completed the current survey. This information is crucial for our forward planning. The survey is offered each year so that the ANPA committee focus is aligned with the current needs of our membership.

Completing the current online survey is easy and can only be filled out once. Please go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/_ANPA_members_survey_2012

ANPA Full Member Interviewcameron-mack
Cameron Mack

Where did you train as a naturopath?

I trained at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Camberwell, Melbourne. I graduated in 1999 and have been in practice ever since.

Do you have any additional qualifications?

Yes, a degree in teaching.

» read more

Book Review Hetchman
Clinical Naturopathic Medicine

Author: Leah Hechtman

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
1596 pages
ISBN: 9780729541510
Revised Edition

Reviewed by Eta Brand – ANPA President

Leah Hechtman and her team of contributors are to be congratulated on this extensive reference for the naturopathy profession. I was so impressed right from the start. The contents page included general topics, but in addition sections on Fertility, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Paediatrics. Appendices of note include charts for Herbal Medicine dosage and Herbal Medicine during Pregnancy and Lactation. In addition, The Nutrients: Lifespan Requirements and Pharmacological Dosage section is comprehensive. A useful laboratory reference value chart is also included. An interesting Herbal Medicine and Laboratory Investigation Interaction chart is included. This chart highlights how herbal medicines can change laboratory values.

The section on the Nervous System includes a selection of useful clinical tools. For example: The Migraine Disability Assessment, Headache Diary, Hamilton Depression Scale, Geriatric Depression Questionnaire, Beck Depression Inventory and the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale.

This book offers a practitioner an extensive text that can be used as an integral part of informed and current clinical practice.

This book will occupy a prime place in my clinic. A tribute to this book is the foreward written by an elder in the profession of Naturopathy, Dr Joseph Pizzorno author of The Textbook of Naturopathy and founder of Bastyr University.

Most chapters included a defined section identifying the Role of the Naturopath from a traditional as well a modern perspective.

In the next printing the publisher may consider improving readability of the text by repeating the topic header for example Ulcerative Colitis (pg 183) on the pages following (184 – 188). There is no quick identification of the topic header if you happen to open the text on any of the pages beyond the initial page. Ulcerative Colitis (cntd) could be considered in future.

Order the Book! Full Price A$135.00
Use the ANPA association code AANPA and receive a 15% discount & free delivery when you order online www.elsevierhealth.com.au

ANPA Chapters

Brisbane Chapter
Date: Saturday January 25th, 2012
Time: 2pm - 4.30pm
Venue: to be confirmed
Contact: Eta Brand naturopath.imatcp@westnet.com.au
or 0411 637 186

Melbourne Chapter
Date: 12th February, 2012
Time: 12.30pm – lunch meeting – Please bring a plate to share
Venue: 2080 Boneo Road, Flinders
Contact: Margaret Nolan naturalhealthoz@optusnet.com.au
or 0412 078 563

Perth Chapter
Contact: Kim Minos kim@holisticwellbeing.net.au
or 0414 887 653

In the Media

Please visit the ANPA Media page on the website. We keep the page current with any of our press releases or other relevant media information. If you notice issues in the media that are related to our practice as naturopaths, please email the info to the office. We want to keep up to date with any positive or negative media and respond appropriately.

October 2011

CEO Magazine: Interview with Georgia Gregory (journalist).
Topic: Naturopathic approaches to preventing and managing hangovers. To be distributed before Christmas.


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