July 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Now let us see the type of men and women who are the naturopaths of today. Many of them are fine, upstanding individuals, believing fully in the effectiveness of their chosen profession – willing to give their all for the sake of alleviating human suffering and ready to fight for their rights to the last ditch. More power to them!’ Benedict Lust, 1945

Benedict Lust’s words resonate today just as strongly as they did back in 1945. Our challenges have not changed: raising our profile as a profession, and taking our rightful place on the stage of health care providers with formal registration. ANPA is proactive on both of these fronts. We are always at the table when it counts representing our profession. On a recent visit to Melbourne, I enjoyed volunteering with other ANPA members at our table at the 2nd ACNEM conference. ANPA was the only association representing naturopaths at that event. Being present is what counts. It raises our profile and presents opportunities for us to clarify any misconceptions about our work as naturopaths and encourages bridge building and referrals. Interacting and building positive relationships create ripples long after an event.  On that visit to Melbourne, I made it a priority to spend time in the office with Linda reviewing our administrative procedures. We are in a process of developing a procedures manual, which is long overdue. We are looking to the future and the growth of our administrative services and creating resilience in our operating systems.

ACNEM Conference - Eta Brand and Maria Bergamin

I attended a wonderful presentation by David Fitts about his work in the Northern Territory working on a long term basis with an Indigenous community and learning about their healing traditions. This kind of sharing does not happen easily. The main take-away message is that naturopathy has so much to offer these communities because they now recognise their traditional medicine was good for problems they encountered before their adoption of modern processed foods and alcohol.  Apparently indigenous youth in this community do not see the value of their own traditions.  A trusting relationship with elders of this community has led to David being honoured with a kin name.  A partnership of understanding with a real win-win for both sides is unfolding. We look forward to updates from David on this worthy project.

(Left) Aboriginal Wisdom Presentation – Margaret Nolan, Melbourne Chapter Leader introduces David Fitts.
(Right) Elder M.K. Turner, David Fitts, Deanne and Bella (the dog).

The ANPA committee has agreed to postpone the National Conference planned for 2013. The venue initially chosen did not have the flexibility to cater for more than 130 attendees. With our membership growing we expect many more naturopaths, students and other health professionals to attend. We would not want to turn attendees away. Most importantly, right now our committee does not have the capacity to take on such a demanding project. Organising a conference is not a project we enter into lightly. When we begin one, it needs to be sustainable and offered regularly into the future. It is not off the agenda. We will revisit this project again next year. Thank you to those that sent submissions. We especially thank John Coleman for his efforts in this regard.

After many years of service to ANPA, Chris Brooks has stepped down from his role as treasurer. We acknowledge his support for ANPA and wish him well in the future. Maria Bergamin has taken on the role as acting treasurer until our next term of office begins after our AGM.  We have started planning and are now finalising a venue and a date for this year’s AGM.   

This bumper edition of the newsletter includes: Health Insurance Rebates: Review of Evidence,   Education: Review of Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, More ANPA Supervisors for Observation and Supervision Needed, ANPA Member Interview, ANPA Chapters, Research Opportunities, Practice Building, Holding the Space, an ARONAH update, and a special offer for Building your Social Networking Profile.

Remember, your ANPA committee meets each month. Having your suggestions included as an agenda item is no further away than an email or a call to the ANPA office.

Let’s keep the light of naturopathy burning bright.

Yours in good health.



Editor, ANPA President

From the Office

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Rowland House has now merged with Fenton Green Insurance Co.
Contact details:  1800 642 747 or apply for a quote at www.fgonline.com.au/rh

Student Online Payments

Students can now pay their fees online via Paypal. This makes joining and renewing easy. Offering an online payment option for all membership categories is part of our website upgrade. Watch this space!

A Special Welcome to New ANPA Members!

Full members:

Cheryl Hayne, Katherine McLean, Diana Shone, Melanie Williams

Student Members:

Tom Adams, Mandy Alexander-Gray, Jessica Bouwmeester, Elisabeth Cannell, Alice Carr, Ashlee Chandler, Sharanna Christensen, Wendy Cooper, Amy Davidson, Russell Elener, Dallas Free, Joshua Gartrell, Kaye Graham, Joanne Kennedy, Reka Kun, Serena Lee, Thalia Livanos, Antoinette Martin, Amanda Martindale, Loretta Mihelic, Socrrates Mistos, Toni Moloney, Micaela Monteiro-Haig, Sarah Porter, Melinda Price, Amanda Reimers, Maxine Richards,, Michelle Ross, Katie Sandow, Abby Simmonds, Andrea Southern, Marijana Stojadinovic, Kirsten Sweeney, Elizabeth Sweetman, Megan Taslaman, Nastassja Vujovich, Jodie Walker, Kate Warner.

Health Insurance Rebates: Review of Evidence

The recent Commonwealth government budget has called for a review of evidence to continue government funding of private health insurance rebates for natural therapies. Many practitioners are concerned. I want to reassure ANPA members that communications have been sent directly to Professor Baggoley (Chief Medical Officer), Department of Health and Ageing who is managing the review. Some of the important questions included in my communications were:

- what kind of evidence the review panel will be calling for

- who will be on the panel scrutinising this evidence

- how will they be selected

- what training do they have in naturopathy

- what are the terms of reference for this review panel

- how will decisions from this review be arrived at

- and ultimately how will these decisions will be implemented?

Professor Baggoley has written back assuring that ANPA will be invited to participate in this process. However, my very specific questions were not responded to at all. These questions are obviously at the heart of the matter.

Letters have also been written to all the health insurance companies we regularly deal with keeping them up to date with our membership list. We want to know if they have been signalled regarding changes to their health rebates or how the review process will be conducted. To date, they have nothing to report. Importantly, health insurance companies do not make decisions on rebates based on ‘evidence’. Health insurance companies walk a very fine line keeping their members satisfied by offering services that their members want. These services may or may not be evidence based.

ANPA has been waiting since the end of 2011 for our submission on the ‘Code of Conduct’ proposed by the government for the unregistered professions to reach the agenda of a COAG meeting. A few meetings have passed, and our agenda item has still not reached the table for discussion. At the time the ‘code of conduct’ was being called for, the government did not include a request for ‘evidence’ to support our practice. How has a review for ‘evidence’ superceded a ‘code of conduct’ that was significant in moving our profession closer to formalised regulation.  I wonder who has found their way into the office of the PM and Treasurer to call for such a review? Surely the government can save far more money in other places than the measly rebate support for natural therapies. I believe there are other agendas at play here. Ed.

For more on the review, go to: http://www.health.gov.au/

Education: Review of Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

The Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CS &HISC) are responsible for National Training Packages. They have invited representatives from the professions to discuss the ‘streamlining’ of the Health Industry Training Package which includes Naturopathy. The ANPA is a member of the Reference Group for this review process. We will be providing recommendations for Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine. Our aim is to clarify, update and fine tune the training package documentation enabling clear interpretation for Registered Training Providers, the Profession and students. The review is being conducted from 2012 to 2013. The first meeting was held in Sydney in May. For more information, go to:


We are calling on ANPA members who have played a role delivering the naturopathy package over the last few years to participate on a sub-committee. We want ideas and constructive comments from sub-committee members to take clear goals to these review meetings. Raising the standard of naturopathy training in the VET sector is a priority for the profession. Rosemary Dunne is our representative on the Reference Group. We thank her in advance for taking on this important role.

Please contact the ANPA office if you are a naturopathy lecturer now or in the past and are willing to play a role in the Health Training Package Review. admin@anpa.asn.au

More ANPA Supervisors for Observation and Supervision Needed

The list of ANPA supervisors is slowly growing. It is not there yet! I am appealing to more full members to come forward and participate. We have a serious shortage of supervisors in areas other than Melbourne. We have full members in all the capital cities where students are being trained. It is our responsibility to pass on knowledge to those coming up in the ranks. Students are so thankful when we open our doors (and our hearts) to them, I know ... I meet them frequently at events and in my clinic as a supervisor. Don’t hesitate and sign up today.

ANPA Full Member Interview

Michele Blondel – Brisbane  3

Where did you train as a naturopath?

I graduated from the Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT) in Melbourne. In those days it was a 4-year Diploma in Naturopathy. At the time, it included Classical Homeopathy. I am grateful to my mentors Judy Jacka and the late Alf Jacka. I was fortunate to be an observer in their clinic in my final year of studies. Alf’s integrity, knowledge, insight and mentoring was an excellent beginning as I commenced my career. I also attended Dorothy Hall Herbal Medicine courses.

When did you qualify?

In 1986 and in 2001, I upgraded to a BHSc Naturopathy at ACNM (Now Endeavour) in Brisbane and in 2006 gained a Post Grad. Dip Nutritional & Environmental Medicine from Swinburne University of Technology School of Integrative Medicine.

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ANPA Chapters

Brisbane Chapter

Next meeting August 2012
Date and time to be advised.

Melbourne Chapter

Date:  Friday 27th July
Time: 7pm
Venue: Holmesglen Waverley Campus, Building 12, 595 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley
Speaker: Grant Bentley
Topic: Homoepathic Facial Analysis
Cost: $5.00 per person.

Visit our ANPA Chapters page.


1. Naturopathy Observational Study Needs Your Participation!

Naturopaths or herbalists are urgently needed to participate in a whole systems research study.  Even collecting data from one client will be very valuable and much appreciated. It is easy to register and download the forms, or they can be emailed. (See details below.)

While research on complementary medicine products is on the rise, study of the real-life practice and outcomes of Naturopathy and Medical Herbalism is nascent. Exploration of the effectiveness and safety of this system of medicine is urgently required. Given the current public debate on the state of evidence of complementary therapies, this is now critical. The methodological construct of “whole system research” has previously been proposed to meet the shortcomings of reductive research and to better evaluate and understand CAM practice. This individualised research approach can be applied to naturalistic practice to collect data from multiple samples (or cases studies), or can be applied within a controlled design comparing the outcomes of practice to usual care, standard conventional care, or other CAM modalities.

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2. Survey on Pregnancy Outcomes

Sponsored by the Weston A. Price Foundation

If any of your patients have given birth between May 1, 2010 and May 1, 2012, we welcome your participation in our survey. The purpose of this survey is to collect information that can help us determine how certain foods and supplements affect the health of pregnant mothers and their newly born infants, in the hopes of improving the experience of future mothers and the levels of health their babies achieve. It is important to us that a large number of mothers with different dietary habits and different pregnancy outcomes participate in our survey. Whether you perceive your dietary habits as usual or unusual, and whether you consider your pregnancy to have been eventful or uneventful, we welcome your participation. The survey should take less than twenty minutes to complete. The Weston Price Foundation aims to incorporate the information you provide into statistics that we may eventually publish, but we will not publish the individual, personal information you share with us, nor will we share it with anyone publicly or privately. If you would like to participate, please do so by September 30, 2012. Once again, we thank you for your invaluable participation in this survey.

To participate, go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3NHBSR7

Practice Building 1

Debra Ashton, ANPA Member - Adelaide

Owning a thriving naturopathy practice is the ultimate dream of any naturopath and student. It can often seem an unachievable and overwhelmingly distant goal. There are many things to consider: the financial outlay, the product dispensary, and of course how to get your patients. It can seem very far away. Sadly, because of these daunting challenges, our profession suffers extremely high attrition rates, and many naturopaths are lost to the profession or choose not to go into clinical practice.

More importantly, how do those naturopaths who manage to get a practice flourishing find the way to ultimately achieve success and manifest their dreams? I always knew I would build a practice. From the first day I started study, I knew exactly what my vision was for my career as a naturopath. I was clear about my goal. I wanted to build a clinic that would have a variety of practitioners working together to heal an individual - a team approach.  A one-stop shop for natural health.

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Holding the Space2

Kim Minos, ANPA Member - Perth

One of the principles of Naturopathy is to treat the whole person. As Naturopaths, we aim to find the cause and not only treat the symptoms or the effects. To keep up-to-date with research and products entering the market, we attend seminars, participate in conference calls, study journals and texts so that we continue to improve our knowledge base. This is an essential part of our ongoing education. Beyond this, a more holistic approach can be considered to the way we practice. The area I wish to explore is not so much about what we do and prescribe, but how we are and how we “be” with our patients. How we are and how we be has significant effects on the outcomes, both for ourselves, and our patients. Much of what we learn and focus on in life is about the ‘doing’. When we pay attention to the ‘being’, our awareness shifts and other possibilities begin to eventuate.

Recently quantum physics identified what mysticism has always known. “The nature of the observer affects the nature of that which is being observed”. Implicit in this is that we are not separate from anything. The presence we as practitioners hold influences our environment and our patients’ outcomes. The more Love we hold, as opposed to fear, and the greater our level of psychological clarity, the more healing the encounter becomes. The space a patient is held in during a consultation can significantly influence the healing journey for that patient.

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Angela Doolan, ARONAH Chair

The Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists has just had its 16th board meeting. ARONAH has moved out of the initial implementation phase into the next developmental stage which will establish national standards for education and practice of naturopathy and western herbal medicine in Australia. The education standards subcommittee is currently developing grandparenting arrangements as a matter of priority and will be calling for consultation on these soon.

On the political front, a letter is being sent this week to each state and federal health minister requesting a meeting with each minister to discuss registration of naturopaths and western herbalists.  ARONAH is also requesting that the report -The Practice and Regulatory Requirements of Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine (2005) be brought to the Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Council for consideration. We are also requesting a copy of the report written regarding the Regulatory Options for Unregistered Health Professionals and are asking that this report also be considered by the AHMAC as a matter of urgent priority.

Six positions have become available on the ARONAH board, 3 community member positions and 3 practitioner member positions, from Victoria, NSW and Qld.  We extend our sincere thanks to Dr Airdre Grant, Ms Michelle Rosenthal, Ms Liza Oates, Ms Kate Johnstone and Ms Nirala Jacobi for their generous and valuable input to the board. The new subcommittees for educational and practice standards have commenced work. Three positions for subcommittee members have become available. Nomination forms for the ARONAH board and subcommittee positions are now available at www.aronah.org/board-nominations. Please give serious consideration to either joining the board or subcommittees, or nominating someone to do so. We meet approximately monthly, online.

If you are unsure of what ARONAH is or why it has become necessary for naturopaths and western herbalists to have an independent regulatory body you can watch the information sessions held in Adelaide last year at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NQIml91scE

Developing your Social Networking Profile – Special offer!

Many professional are using the platforms of Facebook, Linked in, Twitter etc to reach their target audience and build their professional profile. There are some important aspects of using these platforms that we need to understand so we use them judiciously and to our best advantage. We recently enjoyed a fascinating evening at the Brisbane ANPA Chapter where Julie Mason, owner of the Social Media Princess, shared her some of her significant expertise in how to use the social networking platforms. As a result of this presentation, we are able to offer all ANPA members a self- paced way to understand social networking in 9 modules via an online program. One module arrives in your inbox once a month.

ANPA members can sign up using the special coupon code ANPA for just $49 per month rather than the standard $69 per month. This offer is only valid until 31st July 2012.

Step 1:  Go to www.TheSocialMediaPrincess.com/sp - read through what is on offer and at the bottom of the page hit the SUBSCRIBE button.

Step 2:  Enter your special coupon c, into the coupon box.

Step 3: Click the Apply button next to it - you will see that the price will change on the right hand side

Step 4:  Enter the rest of your details and click Submit Order


Please share this e-newsletter with other naturopaths and naturopathy supporters. Ed.


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