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Do you know what's in your food? - Mar 2009

on 16 March 2009.

But with no comprehensive requirement for GM products to be labelled in Australia, we will be denied the choice as to whether or not we buy these unnatural foods for our families.

Time is of the essence, but together we can still make GM labelling a reality. In April 2007, the Labor Party’s national conference passed a motion in favor of labelling. Now they’re in government, let's push them over the finish line to make their policy reality, in law.

Read the facts and spend one minute signing the online petition to Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon.

Joining the call for better labelling are more than 150 of Australia’s leading chefs, including Tetsuya Wakuda, Margaret Fulton, Matt Moran, Dur-é Dara, Kylie Kwong, and Stephanie Alexander.

At Tuesday’s media launch of the petition, Tobie Puttock, head chef at Fifteen, said: “…If GM products are a reality then at the very least we have the right to know exactly what we are eating. Eat local, Eat natural!”

Please, join Tobie and the other chefs in this call – surely it’s our right to know what’s in our food? Sign the petition now.

Thanks for being involved, Louise Sales GM Campaigner

PS The WA Government has just announced a four-year extension of its state ban on GM crops and has called for tighter labelling laws. Sign the petition to the Federal Government to get them to take national action on the issue!.